Misha's 2017 Glance Back!

Wow! Here we are, the end of 2017 already! Sometimes I do these official-type year-end look backs, sometimes not— this year it feels important to continue to honor my work in the world and the work of collaborators. So....

I'm making a number of experimental voice video shorts, and last January, we went back to Crested Butte, Colorado to play in the snow. Enchanted was filmed impromptu, on the drive from Crested Butte to the Gunnision airport— it was morning and a fog encrusted the trees with ALL THE STARS:

An experimental vocal film created by Misha Penton

Words & Music
I continue collaborating with friend and composer Dominick DiOrio as he, astonishingly, writes evermore captivating music. In April 2017 his choral work, All Is, a setting of my poetry, premiered at Texas State University with the TxSU Chorale; and the same weekend, his stunning large-scale piece, SOLARIS, A Choral Symphony in Three Movements, featuring my poetry premiered at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center.

I also finished the libretto for The Lighthouse, a new opera project with Austin-based composer and kindred spirit, Brent Farris— look for that in 2018!

The Portal Opens
Still in April!: Threshold my first full-cast live original, experimental post / new opera work premiered at The Silos at Sawyer Yards with a wonderful team of collaborators: Me, soprano, concept, text, artistic director and directorial scores. George Heathco, guitars. Luke Hubley, percussion. Music by Penton, Heathco, and Hubley; with the voices of Sherry Cheng, Neil Ellis Orts, and Michael Walsh. Walsh called the project / music, "the love child of John Cage and George Crumb" which I loved! During production, we also separately filmed at the Silos and recorded at Houston Public Media with Todd Hulslander for a music video of the work, forthcoming winter 2018— watch for it!

En français, s'il vous plaît
Composer and friend, Chris Becker and I collaborated on his very cool ambient / avant-garde / electronica track: Quatre (Mallarmé). Produced by Becker, the work is a fascinating blend of electroacoustic elements and my voice tracks manipulated by Chris. Listen

The Medusa Project launches
The Medusa Project is an ongoing series of media projects, writings, and performances which re-imagines one of the fiercest and most oft-maligned Greco-Roman demi-goddesses. More of this is 2018:


An experimental vocal film by Misha Penton.


At the Rothko
Anecdote of the Spirit, an experimental work I conceived for The Rothko Chapel premiered in May in collaboration with double bassist Thomas Helton. I also sang on the Rothko plaza with CORE Dance as part of their labyrinth dance, WALK.

As a visual artist, I'm represented by CAMIBAart in Austin, and my paintings are included in the gallery's year-end review group show on view until January 6— check it out, near or far!

I'm ready for my closeup
I launched my portrait photography website: Lens of the Muse with many thanks to some beautiful friends.

I travelled to the UK, where I continue a low-residency doctorate in music and performance at Bath Spa University with vocal pedagogue and performance studies and theatre / opera scholar Pamela Karantonis and composer James Saunders. I meandered over to Denmark and Norway (where a devilish oyster nearly did me in); plus jaunts to New England, Atlanta to see the Total Eclipse of the Sun, Texas Hill Country, and Oahu, Hawaii.

And lastly, but definitely not least(ly), I re-made this entire beast of a website myself with pretty spiffy production archives and projects pages.

Lots of news to share of upcoming projects but that shall wait for now! Here's to 2018, y'all!

With Gratitude,