Threshold, a site specific new music work and a mythopoetic underworld journey—what kind of world will we create?

Misha Penton, soprano, concept, text, artistic director. George Heathco, guitars. Luke Hubley, percussion. Music by Penton, Heathco, and Hubley; with Sherry Cheng, Neil Ellis Orts, and Michael Walsh

Threshold is new music site-specific work is loosely inspired by the ancient and enigmatic biannual Greek initiatory rite, The Eleusinian Mysteries (as in Eleusis, Greece). Little is known of the details of the original events, but the ceremonies enacted the tale retold in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter (seventh century BCE-ish): a mother-daughter passion play of abduction, loss, and renewal. The rites were held for a thousand years before the rise of Christianity and artists freely interpreted the story, as I, and my collaborators, do now. The ceremonies were said to be transformational for participants, honoring the cycle of life and offering a philosophy based in meaning-making and hope.

Threshold premiered April 30, 2017 at SITE Gallery at Sawyer Yards: enormous, labyrinthine sonic wonderland. It’s an old rice factory now converted into an arts space.

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