Rent Asunder

Read my guest post at The Future Fire in celebration of the release of Making Monsters A Speculative and Classical Anthology

“This was the darkness in which ghosts and monsters were active, and indeed was not the woman who lived in it… -was she not of a kind with them?”¹

A thunderhead churns in slow-motion, its high clouds billow white against a darkening blue expanse. Bats chirp a chorus under a bayou bridge and a falcon circles a slow descent. Thousands of grackles gather on powerlines to watch the end of day: the last rays of sun move across the city as it rises from the desert plain…


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Winter Scorpion: Creative Venom

Scorpions are way cool.. Way. Cool. They glow in the dark. How cool is that? (more on their poetic biology later). January is my month to tap into of ferocity, tenacity, insight, and creative illumination; and a reminder of the deepest and most potent power— an intensity of purpose and vision that is life-sustaining and essential: a creative venom

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