Everything Counts or MAKE ALL THE THINGZ!

Invest in your work every day.

Just like Saturn in his magnificent workshop.

Every. Single. Day. 

Saturn Energy is the poetic signature of the Planet Saturn, the planet that rules (in part) tasks, discipline, limitations, containers that offer shape, rules of the game, Time, and Getting Things Done: the every day work that accumulates into something big. One grain of sand into the bucket at a time and the next thing you know you've got Mont St Michel. Yeah, like that.

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Winter Scorpion: Creative Venom

Scorpions are way cool.. Way. Cool. They glow in the dark. How cool is that? (more on their poetic biology later). January is my month to tap into of ferocity, tenacity, insight, and creative illumination; and a reminder of the deepest and most potent power— an intensity of purpose and vision that is life-sustaining and essential: a creative venom

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The Making of Digital Medusa

I am a monster of my own making, a digital phantasmagoria. I (re)imagine myself.
I hear the me who is not me, yet still me
            I am Many She-Monsters...

Full creative essay and new experimental voice film published on Question Journal: A New Journal for the Humanities from South, West & Wales Doctoral Training Partnership. Check it out here.

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Roses in an Unrelenting World

A few years ago, I did a photography project and it's stuck with me as a favorite durational art work.Two quotes come to mind now via this wee flower project of simple observation coupled with the unrelenting and contant still-(dis)believable / (un)believeable march of events in our world— it all feels like a remembering of a never-was / once was— the conitnued surreality of my 21st century Ever-Romanticism.

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