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Crossing the Threshold: a word, a whisper

Words. (What? Wait. What did you say? What did I hear?)

Words out of the order. Whisper. Wail. Speak. Sing. Scream. Sling shot shouts. Swoops like sirens. Echo. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Discard what isn’t useful. Discord. Discard. Draw out. Breathe. Sigh. Gasp. Ingress. Inspire. Respire. Take apart the diphthongs. Vowels long. Vowels short. Explode plosives. Consonants crackle and quake, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and so on.

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A little poetic Selkie engagement with Virginia Woolf

    Worlds wholly imaginary, intangible, just-out-of-reach; a place and time, outside of place and almost afternoon...a walk through a church belled town, its paths all tiger lily for spring, you stand by a market stall, leaning on a splintered cross beam railing...I dreamed a sea gabled house with widows walk, my skirts all rustle whisper, rustle whisper, rustle whisper...sand smoothed out like honeyed silk

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