Roses in an Unrelenting World

A few years ago, I did a photography project and it's stuck with me as a favorite durational art work.

Two quotes come to mind now via this wee flower project of simple observation coupled with the unrelenting and contant still-(dis)believable / (un)believeable march of events in our world— it all feels like a remembering of a never-was / once was — the continued surreality of my 21st century Ever-Romanticism:

Theater and cultural critic, Jill Dolan writes that some performances— and I'll expand this, here, to encompass artworks, generally— she writes that these events / sharings capture “this longing toward a better future, offering an aesthetic experience of the beautiful…calling attention to the sad, inherent loveliness of an always changing world." 1

And I am thinking here, too, of French poet Stéphane Mallarmé whose poem, The Future Phenomenon reads freakishly prescient. The work ends with:

Now, as we gaze upon...the fragments of an age withered and accursed, some are indifferent (for they have not the strength to understand), but others, broken and resigned with tears, look at each another— while the poets of our times, [our] eyes alight again, make our way toward our lamps, momentarily drunk with confused glory, and haunted by a Rhythm and a forgetting that we exist in an age that has survived Beauty
— Stéphane Mallarmé (1842 – 1898) from Le Phénomène Futur (A Phenomenon of The Future), 1865. Translation by Misha Penton

  1. J. Dolan, Utopia in Performance. Finding Hope at the Theater. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press, 2005. p. 154