Dialogue entre, an experimental trio.

Misha Penton, soprano with the poetry of Baudelaire & Mallarmé (trans. M. Penton). Brent Fariss, double bass. Music devised by Misha Penton and Brent Fariss. Meg Brooker, dancer and choreographer. Premiered at Dancedstry...VIVID, Long Center for the Performing Arts, Austin, Texas. January 15 & 16, 2016. 

Capricious moon [peeks] through a window, descends a staircase of clouds, fills the room like phosphorescence, like radiant poison, saying: “You will love what I love and what loves me: water, clouds, silence, and the night; the sea immense and green; the formless and multiform waters; the place where you are not; the lover you do not know; the monstrous flowers; the delirious scents…And you will be loved by my lovers…men who have green eyes, whose throats know my nocturnal caresses; who love the sea, the immense sea, tumultuous and green, waters formless and multiform, the place where they are not, the sinister flowers that resemble censers of an unknown religion, the scents that trouble the will, and the savage and voluptuous animals who are emblems of madness.” — Baudelaire (from "Blessings of the Moon”)

[and] “Now, as we gaze upon...the fragments of an age withered and accursed, some are indifferent (for they have not the strength to understand), but others, broken and resigned with tears, look at each another— while the poets of our times, [our] eyes alight again, make our way toward our lamps, momentarily drunk with confused glory, and haunted by a Rhythm and a forgetting that we exist in an age that has survived Beauty.”– S. Mallarmé (from “A Phenomenon Of The Future”) La lune… l’eau, les nuages, le silence, et la nuit; la mer immense et verte; l’eau informe et multiforme… …haunté du Rhythme et dans l’oubli d’exister a une époque qui survit a la beauté… (trans. M. Penton)