Refined Weekend with a Little "Frenchiness"

"At MFAH [Museum of Fine Arts Houston], Divergence Vocal Theater refined my weekend with a little "Frenchiness," the kind you should experience with a glass of bubbly (pinky up), rich bon-bons and those dresses that make your butt stick out. Juxtaposing poetry, dance and French music composed or arranged for voice and harp, soprano Misha Penton, harpist Joanna Elliott Whitsett, dancer Meg Booker and actress Miranda Herbert created a deliciously sensual ambiance of refined ecstasy. 

Claude Debussy's harp transcription of "En Bateau" from Petite Suite was nothing short of sublime and multi-scensory in the presence of exquisite impressionist visual masterpieces. Misha Penton's interpretation of Reynaldo Hahn's Paysage showed her exquisite and succulent vocal range, technically and artistically."

Someone get me a fan. Is it getting hot in here? Good music should whisk you away and turn you on."

By Joel Luks for CultureMap Houston.
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