Dear Emily, Carleen, and HGOco Team,

Please find below samples of my video work and original libretti (5 music videos and two abstract music film works). Included are a few production notes and details about each piece as well as links to the libretti, when appropriate. 

The videos below showcase an array of my creative approaches as a director: from the dreamy non-narrative montage of the newly released Threshold, to the high theatrics of ravens & radishes and the cinematic oceanic landscapes of Softly over sound waves. I've created a number of dedicated music films as well as video projects that 'belong' to longer chamber opera works which I spearheaded. 

As a classical singer, musician, and filmmaker, I believe I will bring unique strengths to HGOco's opera film projects: I understand the operatic art form— both the traditional canon as well as styles on the vanguard— and my musical background informs my visual composition methods, offering a distinct perspective on creating music-based films. 

I've directed, conceptualized, and produced music media projects since 2010 and created live performances in Houston since 2008. I've also produced all of the recordings for the media works, usually recording at Houston Public Media and collaborating with audio engineer Todd Hulslander. Many of my projects have been highly collaborative and I've worked extensively with composers as a librettist. In my most current works, I often film the work myself and serve as editor as well as composing / creating the sound scores. 

I've written libretti for 4 chamber opera projects (evening-length one acts), for which I directed and produced the live performance premieres and subsequent related media projects. I've also written a number of libretti for shorter performances and media projects. Although most of my libretti are monodramatic works, I'm confident in creating a multi-character libretto. My bio may be found here and I'm happy to provide a CV / resume upon request.

Thanks so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you — Misha

My email: here.

(Full credits of the projects below may be found by following the Vimeo icon when the video pops open).

Threshold (2018. 07:52 minutes) is a new music video project based on a site-specific performance. I performed, directed, produced, and edited the video work, and I created the original sound score for the film. The piece is loosely and abstractly inspired by the Persephone and Demeter myth from Greek mythology. Threshold was filmed in 2 days on location in Houston. 

I also wrote the libretto for Threshold which may be found here.

ravens & radishes (2014. 05:27 minute) is one movement from a 5 song operatic cycle composed by George Heathco, setting my libretto of re-imagined Western fairytales. I performed, directed, and produced the film and performance premiere as well as producing the full-length recording of the cycle.  ravens & radishes was filmed in 1 day in a large black box theater in Houston. 

ravens & radishes libretto for the video: here. 
ravens & radishes full-length libretto: here.

Softly over sounding waves (2013. 4 minutes) is one 'song' from the chamber opera monodrama Selkie, a sea tale, a setting of my libretto based on the half-human / half-seal Selkie mythology of the Orkney Islands, and composed by Elliot Cole. I performed, directed and produced the video project and the live performances, as well as producing the full-length recording of the chamber opera. Dance was a major part of the performance and was incorporated into the video. The video was filmed in 2 days on the Oregon coast and 2 days in Houston in a large black box theater. 

Softly over sounding waves libretto for the video: here
Selkie, a sea tale full-length chamber opera libretto: here.

The Captured Goddess (2015. 07:27 minutes) is a setting of an Amy Lowell poem by composer Dominick DiOrio which was written for me. I performed, directed and produced the film and the recording. This is another work where dance is featured as a major component. The Captured Goddess was filmed in 3 days in Houston: one day on location, one day in a large black box theater, and the b-roll was filmed in one day on the Houston ship channel. This work is, peripherally, part of Klytemnestra, the original subversive female, a chamber opera monodrama based on the Greek heroine of Aeschylus's Agamemnon, for which I wrote the libretto, composed by Dominick DiOrio. I performed, produced and directed the performances of Klytemnestra as well as producing a recording of two of the chamber opera's scenes.

Klytemnestra, the original subversive female full-length libretto: here.


This is our universe (2016. 10 minutes). I performed, directed and produced the film and the recording, and created the original score as well as writing the libretto which was inspired by Virginia Woolf's novel, The Waves. This was an unusual project, in that it was recorded and filmed simultaneously in 3 separate sessions at the Geary Performance Studio at Houston Public Media. B-roll was filmed on location in British Columbia and was drawn from my personal collection of b-roll. 

This is our universe libretto: here.


abstract works

The two films above are examples of my abstract work. Enchant(ed) (2017. 02:48 minutes) was  filmed impromptu on a beautiful Colorado winter day; and Digital Medusa (2017. 4 minutes) is a watery and ambient work. These are entirely solo creations, filmed, edited, composed and produced by me, and the sound works were recorded in my home studio. Digital Medusa is part of the larger and ongoing The Medusa Project (2018) which consists of live performances, writings, and sound and media works, including Medusa Emergent, a media work created for the 35' high MediaWall at Bath Spa University in the UK, on view June 4 - 15, 2018:

Medusa libretto: here.