sheep's clothing from ravens & radishes

ravens & radishes
a re-imagining of classic fairytales…

Libretto by Misha Penton
Composed by George Heathco

sheep’s clothing (4th movement of ravens & radishes)

a vein of yarn leads a passage
over forest floor branches, a-tangle
a last leaf hangs iced in orangebrownredblack
an inky ash
slippery slate path peeks through midwinter snows
all the better to step upon –
all the better to –
children wait
growing like greenwood fiddlehead ferns unfolding
scent of curls and chocolates
laced skirts and frock shirts swirl past:
a blur of ball-toss and hide-and-seek
their shout in the night nightmares catch on breeze and briar
all the better to –
all the better to stalk –
forepaws, hind paws, tail
my breath along the trail
fang and claw, expectant