Siren on the Sabine

Siren on the Sabine (libretto)

A meadow grows high around me
Earthy grasses
Reach green to sun
Heat drunk spikelets brush my palms
Over an expanse, bayou oozes, low
And the warming comes, day by day,
in waves

Doves nest and roost
I’m far from my known waters
Unfamiliar distances and shallow moments
Cross my life
Steel towers reflect clear skysails

I followed a sailor’s love, here, to this hot land
Desert edges creep
sloping land to the Great Gulf Bay

I know things
Some say I know all things
I sing of thirsty knowledge
And what-is-it-you-want? Oh?

In this West Land
All will soon be Flood—
I sit in a meadow of bones

Do you hear me?