Selkie, a sea tale is Elliot Cole's lush musical setting of fairytale poetry by soprano Misha Penton

Misha Penton, soprano, concept, libretto, director, producer. Music by Elliot Cole.

Seduction to dive below the waves…Worlds wholly imaginary, intangible, just-out-of-reach; a place and time, outside of place and almost afternoon...a walk through a church belled town, its paths all tiger lily for spring, you stand by a market stall, leaning on a splintered cross beam railing…I dreamed a sea gabled house with widows walk, my skirts all rustle whisper, rustle whisper, rustle whisper...sand smoothed out like honeyed silk...

Selkies are ephemeral half-human, half-seal beings. They are transformative creatures that inhabit liminal spaces; exist at the edge of dusk and dawn; in the between-time of solstice and equinox; and where root meets earth and sea washes sand. When the moon swells to its fullest, Selkies shed their seal skins, reveal their human form, and dance on our northernmost beaches— their skins ready for the taking. Selkie, a sea tale’s poetry is a dreamscape of human fragility, longing and loss, written from a sailor’s wife to a her selkie love, and culminates in her willingness to release him back to the sea…

Selkie Premiere Nov 6, 2010, Obsidian Arts Space, Houston
Selkie CD & Music Video Release, March 29 & 30, 2013, 4411 Montrose Gallery, Houston

Selkie CD & Music Video Release

Selkie music video and CD release concert 2013:
Misha Penton, soprano, director, producer.  Patrick Moore, cello.  Kyle Evans, piano.  Meg Brooker and Yelena Konetchy/Thel Dance Theatre
Selkie music video release concert program
Selkie CD release digital booklet




Selkie, a new music video. Misha Penton, soprano, director, producer, lyrics. Music: Elliot Cole


Selkie Premiere 2010

Misha Penton, soprano, director, producer. Natasha Manely, soprano. Meg Brooker, dancer & choreographer. Actors, Miranda Herbert & Melissa McEver. Lighting by Megan M. Reilly. Set Construction by David A. Brown & Michael Crowder. Costumes by Sarah Mosher. Headresses & Stylist, Serret Jensen.
Selkie premiere program